Helping Houston Recycle Since 2009
Residential Services
Recycle4U offers 2 types of residential recycling services!
Recycle4U offers two types of recycling collection services. Glass only curbside collection services (1 or 2 x  month) for homes that receive City of Houston (COH) single-stream recycling services and for those communities that do not receive any recycling services, Recycle4U offers sorted weekly side door or driveway collection services for sorted paper, plastic, cans, glass and flattened cardboard.

Glass Only
Curbside Service

$10.00 per month (+ tax)
1 pick-up per month
$20.00 per month (+ tax)
2 pick-up's per month

Recycle4U offers monthly glass only curbside recycling collection services to most neighborhoods in Houston that receive city waste and recycling services.

Recycle up to 28 gallons per pick-up! 

Note: Service requires one-time fee of $25.00 plus tax for set of 2 bins

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Temporary Sorted
Curbside Service

$35.00 per month (+ tax)
2 pick-up's a month

Recycle4U offers curbside recycling services for homes that typically have city recycling services but do not temporarily as the City of Houston has suspended curbside recycling services indefinitely. 
We'll pick-up your sorted paper, plastic, cans, glass and flatteend cardboard twice a month!

Recycle up to 64 gallons per pick-up
(plus you can use your cart for paper and flattened cardboard only)

Note: Service requires one-time fee of $50.00 plus tax for set of 4 bins

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Sign Up Here if you live in Memorial Forest

If you live in Memorial Forest (77024) or in another community in Houston, please click on the link below to sign up for our exclusive weekly side door sorted recycling collection service. Please note that the bins for this service have lids and therefore the one-time fee is $100.00 plus tax for the set of 4 bins but the monthly fee is only $20.00 plus tax.


  # 1 - This Isn't Our First Rodeo!

# 2 - Recycle More For Less $

# 3 - We Recycle More Than Glass

Since 2009, Houston has relied on Recycle4U for its recycling needs and we've customized our services and equipment to make recycling easy and efficient. Recycle4U is proud to be a local, woman owned business and we show our love for America by hiring U.S. Veterans!
Recycle4U is not only cheaper than our competitors, we also collect more glass per pick-up! Our custom trailer was built to transport large amounts of recyclables and if you need more space than the 28 gallons your set of 2 bins provide, we can accept up to 42 gallons per pick-up.
Recycle4U collects more than just glass bottles and jars. We also sell mail-in kits for recycling batteries, light bulbs, toner cartridges and medical waste. Plus, Recycle4U offers a FREE GIFT when you sign up so you can recycle your metal bottle caps and wine corks too!
Recycling with Recycle4U is Affordable - Effective - Convenient
  1. Step 2 - Place Bins @ Curb
    Step 2 - Place Bins @ Curb
    Store glass in set of 2 recycling bins Check & remove unaccepted items Place containers at curb by 8:00am Place extra glass in bags or boxes | For all sorted recyclables: Store items in set of 4 recycling bins Check & remove unaccepted items Check all items are sorted properly Place containers at curb by 8:00am Place paper and flat cardboard in large wheeled cart if needed
  2. Step 3 - Collect & Transport
    Step 3 - Collect & Transport
    Recycle4U returns empty bins Sorted items stored in trailer Containers returned to curb Glass transported to processor Other recyclables to processor
  3. Step 1 - Gather Recyclables
    Step 1 - Gather Recyclables
    Glass Bottles and Jars Clear, Green and Brown NO CAPS/CORKS/LIDS NO FOOD OR LIQUID | For all sorted recyclables: Non-Confidential Paper Flattened Cardboard Plastic Bottles Plastic # 1-5 & 7 Food & Bev Cans NO PIZZA BOXES NO FOOD WASTE NO PLASTIC BAGS NO FOIL OR HANGERS
Note: For temporary sorted curbside service, please note that cans, plastic and glass must be sorted in the set of 4 curbside recycling bins but you may use your large cart for paper and flattened cardboard only (no pizza boxes)!
 Hear from our Customers 
"Recycle4U picked up my glass for years and provided great, consistent service!
A few years ago my neighborhood began receiving curbside recycling services which included glass so I no longer needed their help and reluctantly discontinued our service.  Now that the City of Houston has removed glass from their curbside recycling program, I have renewed my service with Recycle4U.  Thank goodness Recycle4U is here to fill the gap and offer glass only curbside recycling collection services!"
Allison Gower